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Marketing can be simply defined as a process of transferring the concept of a good or service from a producer to a customer. It is a phenomenon in the world of business as it could be self-explanatory, being coined from the word Market. A market is a place where buyers (customers) and sellers (producers) meet to purchase or sell goods and services. Marketing is an action which is based more on communication between the buyer and the seller.

Marketing involves two or more parties, based on which context you choose. For goods, we have;

  1. Needs
  2. Buyer
  3. Seller

In the services/solution context, we have;

  1. The problem/ those who have it
  2. The solution/ those who have it

The common factors above are the need/problem and solution. Someone one needs a service, and another person has the solution. Basically, it is believed that the buyers are the ones who need the service. While that is true, the marketer also relies on the buyer to make an open market.

Marketing Factors

In marketing, we can’t do without the following factors:

Marketer – A marketer is a middleman who ‘identifies’ people’s problems/needs and offers his goods or services by convincing you that he has the solution to what you need. The key ability of a good marketer is being able to find and identify customers, thereby offering the services in a dynamic and pleasing way with VALUE.

Buyer/Customer – This is someone who needs and buys/pays your goods or service.

Forms of Marketing

As marketing is an essential factor in business, there are different forms of marketing, with each having a specific advantage. Below are some forms of marketing:

  1. Internet Marketing – This is a technique used to reach targeted customers by using the internet.
  2. Digital Marketing – This works as a form of campaign where you reach customers by email, podcasts, or text messages.
  3. Broadcasting – This is the distribution of messages through mass media. Messages can either be visual or audio. E.g., Radio broadcasts.

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